Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Note: This is MOMMA HK (hereinafter referred to us) Privacy detailed summary of the terms and service rules. The following are the most common questions:


Personal information about you


How would you handle my e-mail account?

You will be prompted MOMMA HK occasional emails and offers tips on the purchase, we will e-mail notifications through your latest offers and necessary information to you. For more details, please refer to the bottom of the Privacy Policy.


Details Privacy Policy


1 revised Privacy Policy


We will post a notice on the Web page revised policy related matters and to inform you that the amendments will be effective immediately.If you notice after we post changes, continue to browse MOMMA HK, it means that you have to accept the amendment.



2 Types of information collected and use


We mainly collect two types of information, namely personal information and non-personal information.


2.1 Personal Data


Personal information that is personally identifiable information when you are in communication with us, such as contact us to become MOMMA BABY, participate in the competition, fill out the questionnaire, send email to contact us or inquiry, apply for a job, post photos, we may ask you to submit a profile. If you are willing to participate in such activities, we will ask you to submit personal information such as name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and age. Information Mandatory or voluntary to fill, depending on the activities of the circumstances. If you do not want to provide the required information on a particular event, we reserve the right to refuse you to attend the event.


We will use your personal information for the following general purposes: 1) to improve the site content, 2) improving marketing strategies and enhance promotion effectiveness, 3) analysis of site traffic, 4) to improve the product or service, 5) for management services and the competition purposes. If you send to our customer service officer about MOMMA HK email service or advice, such information may be disclosed, we also may use your comments for marketing purposes, or published on the site.


If you share through MOMMA HK friend, we are entitled to store the sender and the recipient's personal information. We will allow the recipient to view and accept the offer updates sent by you, or allow the recipient contacts you require us to disclose information.


2.2 Non-Personal Information


Non-personal information that is irrelevant and personal identity information. Such information includes your browsing our website before and after the visited website URL, type and IP address of your browser you use us or by our authorized third party service providers to your use COOKIES / collect your non-personal information when WEB BEACONS / PIXEL TAGS and other electronic tools.


We may use your non-personal information to troubleshoot, administer the site, analyze trends and statistics gathering. We may also apply to authorized third parties and advertisers to share your non-personal information in order to measure the overall effectiveness of online advertising, content and programs.



3 release of personal data


We will not disclose your personal information. Except in the following cases, MOMMA HK reserves the right to share with third parties your personal information:


3.1 We may provide services or products to the merchant to provide personal identification information when you participate in activities to fill in order to provide you with products or services. Our merchants are authorized only when necessary to use your personal information.


3.2 We may authorize a third party service provider to share your information. Our products and services provided by third parties, we send them on behalf of the management and promotion of e-mail, we may share your personal information with these service providers to be ordered, delivery, management games and sweepstakes, remove client list duplicate data, analyzing data, providing marketing support, search results and web links to ensure the proper functioning of the payment program and website, solve problems, and providing customer service.


3.3 We may also have a commercial relationship with our collection of personal or business information will be provided to service providers in order to achieve management goals. Such as when you are shopping, we will disclose to the bank to confirm payment of your credit card information. If necessary, disclose information to the merchant's bank we pay. We encourage businesses, market partners and third party service providers to adopt and post privacy terms, however, these people use to your personal information only subject to their privacy policy.


3.4 We may provide your personal information on the transfer of the company's business, we might with any commercial institution mergers and acquisitions. In this case, the new company will be received by our management of personal information. Provided that privacy policies will continue to apply.


3.5 We may share your information to protect ourselves or others, or to follow the law or enforcement of judicial proceedings. We will do this terms or other consents and websites to protect users rights, property and safety.



4 release non-personal information


4.1 We will share to our partners, advertisers, merchants or non-personal information, such as demographic information we will share (excluding personal information) with third party advertisers on the following terms.


4.2 We may use third party advertising companies handle advertising, these companies may use non-personal information (visit the historic sites and other sites) in order to provide advertisements about products or services.


4.3 We will also invite third parties to use non-personal information to analyze trends, administer the site and enhance the quality of the website. Collective activity data non-personal information only, and all information is provided by MOMMA HK offer, by what we have and use.



5 updates and corrections


You have the right to change your personal information, we encourage you to maintain accurate, complete and timely update your personal information. Your past record or part of the data and the transaction can not be deleted.



6. Collect and use the data option


You can choose not to provide us with personal information, although at the time to participate in a particular activity, you must submit such information to us.


7. Ensure that your personal data security


7.1 To protect the confidentiality of your personal information, we use a different encryption. You may only enter your personal information via e-mail address and password page. After the password is encrypted, we recommend that you never reveal your password to anyone.


7.2 Only authorized employees or third parties MOMMA HK company before contacting the relevant information. We will do everything to protect the rest of your personal data, but the data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network is still some risk, you have to bear these risks.



8. Tracking Data

8.1 We may COOKIES stored on your computer. COOKIES with record function is a small text file. We use COOKIES to save time, to remind you of our identity, track and confirm with home interest to provide more personalized service. COOKIES also allows us to collect your non-personal information, such as history and visit the website link to use.


8.2 We may use third party advertisers make ads on the site, advertisers may put COOKIES into your computer. We are those COOKIES No login and control. This provision covered only COOKIES our site.


8.3 Most browsers accept COOKIES. You can also change the settings of your browser to refuse COOKIES, but this may result in some parts of the site does not work properly.


8.4 We will also use other industry-recognized techniques such as Pixel tags and Web beacons, a note on the site you visited the website, we may also apply to authorized third parties and advertisers to share your non-personal information. Pixel tags and Web beacons are placed on a specific page or email the transparent image file to collect browsing data. We will, through messages Pixel tags and Web beacons collect, converted into non-personal information. Pixel tags and Web beacons to measure and improve the user experience of visitors and page views, and a measure of online advertising, content and overall effectiveness of the program. We will be there affiliates or other third-party strategic relationship with us by Pixel tags and Web beacons to the information collected be utilized.


9 Privacy Policy third parties

This Privacy Policy applies only to our information collected through our website. By third parties through our collection of information, the right of third parties to comply with privacy customized protection policy. If you will visit any third party site, we strongly recommend that you peruse its contents about our privacy policy. Privacy Policy made by third parties, we are not responsible.


10 Other Privacy Policy

10.1 MOMMA HK only persons 18 years of age to use, we do not collect information on children under the age of 18.

10.2 We will post some of your personal information, such as photographs and related information you provide, such as in MOMMA BABY page. Photos may also be used on MOMMA HK publicity materials. Visitors enter the information available, may be reproduced or search for other sites, such information can be read by people, collected and used. If you publish your own in the comments area e-mail address, you may receive spam. We do not control the reactions of your published information and other visitors, so please be careful to manage any of your personal information.